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Trampoline Repair Service

We offer a full repair service for all trampolines.


  • Repairs

  • Replacement Parts

  • Mats / Pads / Nets / Springs / Frames   


Contact us for a quote (include the size of your trampoline) or bring it in to us!

Mat Repairs  (from $20)



Has your mat suffered damage from cuts, burns or worn out stitching? We restitch mats, patch up a hole and replace rusty triangles. Bring your mat into us for an assessment (or send it).

A basic restitch costs $55, Replacement Triangles $1 each, and holes are dependant on size.

A good quality matting fabric should last 10+ years but will eventually deteriorate from the harsh NZ sun.

New Mats ($100-$300 depending on size & shape)


We make mats to fit any trampoline and have many common sizes in stock. Our mats are made from a top quality polypropylene fabric which typically lasts over 10 years. Common mats generally cost $200-$250for rectangular shapes & $300-$350 for round mats (custom made to fit your trampoline).

Measure your trampoline or bring your old mat into us. If you have a round trampoline it is best to send or bring your mat into us to ensure your new mat is made to fit.


Safety Pads  ($275 - $625 depending on size, shape & style)


We make pads to fit any trampoline and have many common sizes in stock.  Contact us with your measurements for a price.


For round trampolines please provide your mat & frame diameter (outside frame measurement & length of spring unextended)  

Springs  ($3.40 each)


There are different sizes of trampoline springs that we hold in stock. Bring a spring in with you to match the size. Or measure your spring by removing it from the trampoline and measuring the spring length including the hooks.  

Frame Repairs


As manufacturers the Trampoline and Swing Factory can help with repairs to many brands of trampolines. Please be aware that the frames on many of the light, cheap models are not economically repairable. We are happy to inspect your trampoline and advise on repairs. Please bring the pieces into our factory or photos to discuss. 


We carry in stock the commonly replaced parts for older                                     Including the spreaders that sit on the ground and the brace bars for the legs.


Contact us at:                                                                  or call us on 09 5795090 for more info!

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