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See our exciting range of PlayZone wooden playgrounds on 


Choose from our selection of kitset towers and add ons, or have it fully assembled by our experts at your home.

(Regions close to Auckland)   


We have a range of accessories to inspire you if you choose to build your own playground.


  • Swinging

  • Climbing

  • Sliding

  • Construction




Swings, Trapeze & Climbing Things

Flexible Strap Swing

(with adjustable ropes)


Plastic Baby Swing

(with adjustable ropes)


Chain Swing

Flexible wrap around seat


Oval Nest Swing



Glider Swing

(with adjustable ropes)


Ventolino Swing

Swings and rotates


Commercial Quality Baby Swing


$100 (excludes chains)

$120 (with 1.5m chains)

Chains can be cut to your length required

Trapeze Bar & Rings

Large metal bar with plastic rings on chains



Commercial Quality Strap Swing


$80   (excludes chains)

$100 (with 1.5m chains)

Chains can be cut to your length required

Tyre Swing

(with rope)


Pommel Swing

Plastic disc seat on rope


Buoy Swing

(with rope)

Green and Blue


Rope Ladder

Double Bay  


Plastic Slides

Perfect for attaching to a playhouse or deck ... or add a powdercoated steel ladder for a complete freestanding option.

Available in green.

                                        Slide Tray Only     Slide & Ladder


2.2m long, 1.2m high         $246                    $440


3.1m long, 1.5m high         $455                     POA

(3.1m long slide comes with a moulded connection point so that it can be used as a water slide)



Other Cool Accessories



Steering Wheel






Rock Holds

Set of 5 grips.




Swing Hangers

$15 / pair

Safety Handles

$22 / pair



Swing Corner Bracket

Fits 100x100 timber

$80 each

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