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Hills Trampoline Parts

Hills trampolines were a popular Australian built trampoline, but are no longer available. Our replacement parts will keep your trampoline going strong. 

Hills 3.6 / 80    (3.05m x 1.8m frame)   17 x 10 or 26 x 14 spring models


New Mats: $190

New Safety Pads: $275


Hills 4.8 / 88    (3.05m x 2.23m frame)    17 x 13 or 26 x 18 spring models


New Mats: $198

New Safety Pads: $285





Other Parts

Springs: $3.40 each

Wires: $0.50c each (inserts into the original mat. Springs attach onto these wires)

Spreaders: $48 each (The part of the leg which sits on the ground)

Leg Braces: $14 each (Runs upwards from the spreader to the top frame)

Bolts: $1 each


The leg braces & spreaders come in different sizes for each model. You will need to bring the parts that need replacing into our factory so that we can match up the correct size. Alternatively you can call us on (09) 579 5090 to discuss the measurements and sending them out to you.

Standard Safety Pads.

Have a 25mm thick bonded foam covered in a PVC fabric, with a velcro fixing to the frame. Available in Blue or Green.



Hills Industries are a large Australian company that made trampolines for many years, but  stopped production in 2009. The Hills trampolines have a lighter 1.6mm thick frame and a 180mm long spring. They were available in two sizes.




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