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Help! ... There are so many different types of trampolines... What do I choose?

Trampoline and Swing Factory can offer you a choice of 10 different trampolines from 2 manufacturers. We have made the                                      in Auckland for over 40 years and have sold the                     range for over 15 years.




How do you choose a trampoline?
There are so many different types of trampolines and such a large range of prices that it can seem difficult to decide which is right for you and your family.




Why are some imported trampolines so much cheaper?
Most imported trampolines are lightweight trampolines and have weight restrictions. They are made from thin tubular steel and use shorter and fewer springs. The light steel reduces the strength and life of the frame and the short springs give a hard, short bounce and cannot take the weight of a longer more resilient spring. Many of these trampolines have a short life because the materials used for mats, pads and nets are not suitable for New Zealand’s climate. Check out the videos on



Watch out for weight restrictions!
Although imported trampolines may boast a weight limit of 100kg when you bounce on the trampoline you can easily impact the mat with double your body weight. Our experience has shown that these trampolines are really designed for children and should only be used for moderate sized teenagers, and only one person at a time. A good trampoline has 10″ (250mm) long springs and can easily carry 2 or 3 teenagers. The 7″ (185mm) spring trampolines often have a ’105kg’ weight restriction, but we have had several customers replacing overstretched springs even though their child is only 55kg. The longer springs not only carry more weight, but they give a deeper, softer bounce.


Size?? Shape??
The larger the trampoline the safer it is. The more mat area you have the more room there is to land those tumbles, and the greater the fun for the whole family. Rectangular trampolines with 250mm long springs are used for competition as they give the best performance and have the length necessary for tumbles. The extra width in octagonal and round trampolines is ideal for young children lacking co-ordination. They allows space and are great for 2 or 3 children at a time. The octagonal shape also gives a noticeable push back towards the center as you bounce near the edge of the mat.


Safety Nets?
Designed to contatin children inside the trampoline area without the risk of falling off. Great for younger children who lack co-ordination and motor skills.

Its important to understand that nets are not designed to be deliberately bounced off and do not stop collisions between multiple people on the trampoline at the same time.

The safety nets make trampolines prone to being blown over in a storm (especially in high wind areas).  So an anchor kit is a good idea to help tie down the trampoline.

Safety Pads?
Many manufacturers cut costs by making low quality pads that are thin, providing little cushioning, and using cheap fabrics with a short life expectancy. The thinnest foam we dare to offer on our pads is 25mm thick, while our deluxe pads have a 50mm foam padding over the frame for additional safety. All our safety pad covering fabrics have a UV rating so that they last for a few years outdoors.


Replacement Parts?

The sun, wind and rain is hard on equipment left outdoors and eventually the trampoline will need repairs. We supply a full repair and replacement parts service for the models we sell. Many of the cheaper imported trampolines do not have replacement parts available. See our                                             for further information.



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