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Swings & Slides

Home entertainment in your own backyard, Easy Peesy! ... What do your children need?

A Quality Swing & Slide set that wont break?


  •                                                                - made in NZ  

      Choose a combination to fit your family.



                                               to add to your own structure, playhut or deck?

  • Hang a swing from a tree?

  • Attach a slide to your deck or playhut?

  • Rock Climbing Stones, Rope Ladders, Steering Wheels and more! 


Build your own Playhut equipment?

  • Swings and Playground equipment to get you started. Or spruce up own design with our accessories range.



  • Hills Swing Sets (seats, bolts, chains etc)

  • Balmoral Swing Sets

  • Replacement Swings



Top selling monkey bars





3123 d.jpg

Check out the full range by clicking on each page under the swings & slides tab and let your creativity kick in!


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