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  • 1.9mm thick galvanised steel frame (48mm diameter)

  • Galvanised spring wire

  • 25mm thick safety pads come standard on all models 

      (closed foam cell covered in PVC fabric)

  • Warranty:

      5 years on the frame, 2 years on the mat, 1 year on springs, safety pads and nets

  • The  10’ model has 175mm long springs. It will carry a moderate sized teenager or adult, but best limited to 1 person at a time when serious jumping occurs

TE Proline Trampolines

- Trampolines Europe


Mat:     2.45m

Frame: 3.05

Springs: 72 x 175mm


Trampoline with Pads:     $610

Trampoline pads & nets:  $900

Sorry out of stock


Mat:     3.0m

Frame: 3.65m

Springs: 80 x 215mm


Trampoline with pads:     $780

Trampoline pads & nets:  $1180

display tramp available



Mat:     3.60m

Frame: 4.30m

Springs: 96 x 215mm


Trampoline with pads:    $920

Trampoline pads & nets: $1320

Sorry out of stock


The 12′ & 14′ models have longer springs so they will easily handle teenagers and adults

Ladder             $50


Helps children climb onto the trampoline. Recommended on all trampolines with safety nets.

Sorry out of stock



Anchor Kit             $40


Recommended on all tramps with safety nets, situated in an exposed windy area.

The tie down kit includes 4 metal anchors, which screw into the ground and webbing straps which attach to the trampoline frame.

Sorry out of stock


TE (Trampolines Europe) are a Dutch company and one of the largest suppliers of trampolines in Europe. They have set up a factory in Vietnam to build trampolines to produce a quality trampoline and meet the European safety standards. We have sold TE Proline trampolines for over 12 years and seen the durability of these products. The frame has a larger diameter and thicker tubing than many of the cheaper models. The springs have a galvanised wire so they are not rusty after 12 months.



Safety nets are available to fit TE trampolines to help prevent smaller children from falling off the trampoline. Like all nets they are not designed for children to deliberately bounce off. The nets are attached to padded steel poles and have a overlap entrance rather the the troublesome zip type entrance.


Please note: High winds can catch the nets and roll the trampoline over. We recommend using an anchor kit in wind prone areas to help tie the trampoline to the ground.

TE Rebounder

The TE Proline 36 rebounder is a small trampoline designed for fitness exercises. It has a frame diameter of 1015mm and 30 springs, and has a green PVC cover over the springs.


Price:        $140

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