Climbing Frames
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- Made in New Zealand

"Free the monkey within"

This sturdy climbing frame / jungle gym is a well proven design for school age children (although the galvanised pipe construction is heavy enough to take teenagers too!) 



  • 2.3m long Monkey Bars at the top

  • Horizontal Bar (1.15m high) for children to spin around 

  • 2x Bars for a ladder on the other side

  • The ends can be fitted with a Swing or Trapese (extra)

  • 25mm Galvanised Pipe Framework

  • 2.65m Long, 1.85m High, 2m Wide at the base

  • 3 Piece Construction

  • Easy Assembly

  • Transportation Requires a Trailer or Flat deck truck

  • Throw a Cover over the Frame to Turn it into a Play-tent

Price  $625

Optional extras:


Eyebolts fitted to one end   $15

Trapeze with eyebolts          $75

Swing on chain with eyebolts                                                       $75

Buoy Swing on Rope           $65

Ventolino Trapeze                $75











Standard finish is Galvanised pipe. 

The height can be increased by 200mm if required (add $40 extra), but most people use the standard height.

After something slightly different?  

We can custom make Climbing frames to suit your requirements.

Contact us by phone 09 5795090 or email

Balmoral Climbing Frame Attachment

This Climbing Frame is designed to fit into the Balmoral Swing set, but can be adapted for other swing sets.

It has a lighter tubular construction so is suitable for younger children. 


Price:   $170 (to fit Balmoral Swing)
Adapters to fit Hills swing set $10 extra